Terms of Use


1.1. Localmachine.co.uk(in futher–Katalog)offers servicess for non-commercial site use https://localmachine.co.uk (in futher - Site) according to this terms. Another way of use is commertial, for example for managing advertisement campaign specified in additional terms and outlined in additional contract or agreement

1.2. Using of the information, materials, and any action on the Website indicates that you have read the Terms and Conditions and agree to them. Otherwise, you have no right to use these services. Also, if the legislation of the country in which you use the Services or which you are resident, prohibits the use of data services, you can not use the mentioned services Site

1.3. Localmachine.co.uk has the right to change the Terms without notice. A new version or update these Terms and Conditions will have a permanent address https://www.localmachine.co.uk/page/terms.html. You automatically agree to all changes of terms and conditions if they occur.


2.1 The information provided on the website does not have any guarantee of the authenticity and the Catalog will not be liable for any consequences due to your use of the information published on the Website

2.2. Catalog warranty does not apply to:

  • uninterrupted functioning of the Site;
  • error-free operation of the Site;
  • conformity of information that you were looking for and Site content .

2.3 Liability for any content for public use, be it text, image, audio and video content rests with the person who created it.

2.4. Links to other resources that do not belong to Catalog can be published on the pages of the Site, and their availability, operation and maintenance, as well as for possible consequences that resulted from using the information of content of these Internet sites, Catalog is not responsible.

2.5. Catalog reserves the right to make changes without notice in any material published on the Site, as well as Catalog is free of liability for the accuracy of the information posted on its Website

2.6. The nature of the Services offered by the catalog, may change sporadically, and Catalog reserves the right not to notify you in advance of the changes.

2.7. Localmachine.co.uk has right to stop all services temporary or permanently without notice


3.1. User agrees not to post on the Site:

  • content that violates or offense person's or organization's rights;
  • information that does not correspond to reality, as well as questionable or ambiguous nature and harm the reputation of the Site, Catalog, partners ;
  • information on behalf of other persons or organizations without necessary eligible options;
  • proprietary information, trade marks, patents and other content belonging to the respective owners and protected rights;
  • content that violates the legislation of the country in which you use the Site Services or which you are resident.

3.2. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the User agrees not to take any action that may lead to:

  • the emergence of complexity in the hardware of Catalog;
  • diffculties in use of the Site of ofher users;
  • harm to equipment and catalog.

3.3. User is obliged to provide accurate personal information in the registration forms on the Site, including valid e-mail


4.1. Privacy Policy Localmachine.co.uk can be found on the page . This section describes the conditions of storage and use of your information Catalog

4.2. Acceptance of these Terms means that you also agree to the privacy policy of Catalog

4.3. Catalog undertakes to protect your user account from unauthorized access, destruction Uploaded Information, as well as other illegal actions in respect of all such information at its disposal technical means.


5.1. Terms and conditions listed are not established between the catalog and your any relationship of agency or relations on joint activities and so on, clearly not provided for in these Terms and Conditions.

5.2. Catalog shall not be liable to you or any other third party for any breach of your obligations under these Terms and Conditions - it is exclusively your responsibility for any consequences of these disorders.